Can a Pool Leak through Tile Grout?

Yes, your pool may leak through tile grout. While tile grout serves as a waterproofing barrier against some types of water exposure, it is not completely impervious to water penetration. Over time, its integrity may deteriorate and allow water to seep through, potentially leading to leakage. Furthermore, damaged waterproofing layer beneath tiles may allow leaks through grout into surrounding area as well. Regular inspection of your pool’s components for signs of wear-and-tear is advised in order to detect potential leakage as soon as possible and avoid potential water damage caused by leakage from cracking or deterioration of grout to ensure leakages do not occur and potential water damage does occur.

Common signs of pool leakage may include a decrease in water levels, wet spots around the pool area or higher water bills. It is essential that any suspected leaks be addressed quickly to prevent further damage and possible safety hazards from being created by delayed action.

To determine whether your pool is leaking through its tile grout or other areas, conduct a simple bucket test. Fill a bucket with water and place it on your pool steps ensuring its level is equivalent to that of the pool; mark its water level using tape before waiting 24 hours and checking again; if its level has remained constant while its equivalent in your pool has decreased this could indicate leakage.

At times it can be beneficial to seek advice from an experienced pool contractor or technician in order to identify and repair leaks in your pool, while they can also suggest strategies to keep it running optimally and avoid future leakage issues. More information can be found on our home page. Please phone us with any questions.