Can you pressure wash a PebbleTec pool?

Yes, it is indeed possible to pressure wash a PebbleTec pool; however, proper pressure settings and techniques must be utilized in order to avoid damaging its surface. A recommended pressure washer setting of 1500 psi with fan spray nozzle and holding at a 45-degree angle to the surface at all times should be utilized in order to avoid lines or gouges on PebbleTec surfaces during pressure washing. Prior to beginning pressure washing operations make sure your pool has been cleaned to eliminate debris that might obstruct this process and be sure brush and clean it thoroughly prior to beginning pressure washing efforts so as to minimize risks to both parties involved!

Note: Excessive pressure or improper technique can damage PebbleTec surfaces, leading them to chip or flake. Pressure washing could even exacerbate existing damage; in such instances, consult a pool maintenance professional for assistance on how best to repair or resurface your pool.

Notably, pressure washing should not be the primary method of pool maintenance for PebbleTec pools. Brushing and vacuuming should be utilized regularly to prevent dirt accumulation; chemical treatments can help balance pool water quality while clearing away algae or contaminants; when pressure washing becomes necessary it should be used sparingly and with caution in order to preserve its surface and prevent surface damage. We offer many other services, visit