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Every project is treated with the utmost respect. The pool resurfacing experts at Pool Resurfacing are friendly, knowledgeable and highly experienced. Our family-owned business has been in existence for more than 30 years.

Although Miami has many reputations, both good and bad. Most people who know the city will attest to its warmth. Although this may have had some positive effects over time, an odd side effect is that swimming pools in Miami are much more popular than those found in less tropical states. Although pools can be difficult to maintain and are often hard to service, residents find that they are worth it.

This has one effect: there are many pool services available for hire in South Florida. They cover almost every area of the city from downtown to the far-flung suburbs bordering on wild swamplands. There are many services available, from established services that have been around for a while to those who are just starting out in this field to help them build a business. We are proud to be a Coral Terrace company.

We are specialists in pool resurfacing. Everything, including pool surfaces, will eventually wear down. It shouldn’t be surprising that pools are rarely drained. This can lead to the pool bottom being eroded over time. The chemicals used to clean a pool over time can build up, making it an unsafe place to swim in. A lot of South Florida’s intense weather can cause visible damage to any swimming pool built within the vicinity.

We are available to assist you. Why choose us for your renovation requirements? We are the top pool service provider in Coral Terrace. Our technicians have many years of combined experience in repairing the damage pools can take. Our company is efficient and meticulous, and can resurface any pool regardless of how damaged it may have suffered over time.

My pool was resurfaced 3 years ago and it was tiled by Pool Resurfacing Coral Terrace…It turns out Arnold (owner) told me that this is what I had to do.

Richard is without a doubt the best guy for above-ground pools and spas. My opinion.