How do you clean pool walls after draining?

To effectively clean pool walls after draining, follow these steps:

1. Gather Equipment: Gather all necessary equipment: This includes a pool brush with stiff bristles, telescopic pole, pool vacuum (if available), and hose.

2. Clear away debris: Use a leaf net or skimmer net to retrieve any leaves, sticks, or large debris that has accumulated on the bottom of your pool.

3. Scrub the Walls: Attaching the pool brush to a telescopic pole, scrub down the walls of your pool from top to bottom using firm pressure and starting at the top, applying firm pressure against any algae, dirt or stains you come across on them – particularly any areas which appear dirty or display visible growth.

4. Vacuum Your Pool: If your pool features a vacuum system, attach the vacuum head to its telescopic pole and connect its hose to its vacuum port. Move the vacuum head around your walls and floor of the pool while overlapping each stroke to ensure thorough cleaning. If this step is not applicable to you, skip this step.

5. Clean Walls: Use a hose equipped with a nozzle attachment to rinse the walls, removing any loose dirt or debris that has settled onto them. Start from the top down to ensure coverage in all areas.

6. Scan for Stains: If any stubborn stains or discolorations remains on your walls, use a pool wall cleaner designed specifically for that surface type (concrete, fiberglass or vinyl). Follow its label instructions when applying and scrubbing stained areas.

7. Rinse again: Once you are finished scrubbing and cleaning your walls, give them another rinse with fresh water to eliminate any residual cleaning solutions or debris that remain.

8. Fill the Pool: Once all walls have been cleaned and rinsed thoroughly, refilling the pool with fresh water should be easy.

Safety should always come first when working around the pool. Always wear any necessary protective equipment like gloves or goggles if you require gloves for work around your pool walls, such as manufacturer guidelines or professional advice if any questions or issues arise regarding cleaning your walls. Visit our Home page for more information.