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Imagine taking a much-needed afternoon swim in the Naples,FL sunshine when suddenly you notice that your inground swimming pool’s surface does not look as new as it used to. The materials are damaged, plaster discolored, and you can even see traces of rust and signs of peeling. Your once new swimming pool is no longer new and you start avoiding your backyard as it becomes an unpleasant sight.

While this may catch you by surprise, it should not be something to worry about. Wear and tear in swimming pools is normal, and it is simply a sign that you need to resurface your pool. Resurfacing a pool is crucial because it helps lengthen the lifetime of your pool. If you are looking to sell your property eventually, pool resurfacing helps increase your property and investment value.

Because of the value that having your pool resurfaced provides, it is crucial that you find the right company to offer a complete overview of your pool and see to it that business is complete at the end of the day. We provide a myriad of services including tile replacement, resurfacing, renovations, remodel and more. As a business in Naples, Florida, we value and understand that our clients need only the best services and anything less could lead to adverse outcomes for the pool users. Therefore, you can trust us with all your spa, interior and exterior pool renovations, replacement, and finishes.

About Us

Pool Resurfacing Miami is your number one pool repair provider in Naples, FL. As professionals, we understand that repair and maintenance are part of keeping your pool in top-notch condition so you can continue enjoying its services.

We also understand that many pool owners in Naples, FL do not have the necessary know-how to repair and maintain their pools. Therefore, we provide the necessary services to our clients at a cost-effective price that will not need them to break the bank to afford.

As a company in Naples, FL, we are reliable, professional, and get the job done within the required time frame. No matter your swimming pool needs in Naples, we are here to help you.

Our Services

Our services are aimed at solving a myriad of swimming pool-related problems. They include:

Leak Detection

As a swimming pool service provider in Naples, FL, the first step of service provision is taking your pool through leak detection. Some can be visible, but others may not be so obvious. We find these leaks and fix them so you can continue enjoying your swimming pool whenever you need it.

We utilize the best bonding agents to patch up your pool quickly and at a fair price. Our professionals are well-trained to handle it to perfection whether you have a vinyl, concrete, plaster, or fiberglass pool.


We also carry out Naples pool repairs. Unlike other professionals who might be skilled in one type of pool, we repair all pools.

Some of the essential services we provide include:

Pool equipment repair

Pool plumbing repair

Pool replastering

As we provide these services, we consider cost-effectiveness, so our clients do not have to trade quality for lower prices. By charging affordably, we have been able to sustain our business in the Naples area, and we believe we will continue to thrive with our clients.

Pool Resurfacing and Pool Renovation

Pool resurfacing rejuvenates your existing pool. We resurface using fiberglass and plaster mainly for our Naples, Florida. Many of our clients prefer fiberglass because it is resistant to shifts in the ground yet flexible. To work this out, we start by smoothing and filling in any holes in the swimming pool. Next, we sand the cracks and chips on your pool deck and the entire pool area before applying resin and fiberglass coats and sanding again.

Your new pool will last longer than plaster and concrete. Furthermore, fiberglass absorbs fewer organic materials and chemicals thanks to its smoothness. It also remains resistant to algae stains, which makes it last longer than other materials.

Apart from fiberglass, we use plaster when pool resurfacing. This is a good choice who are considering a more economical option. While you can plaster at home as a DIY project, this is not always the best choice. Only a professional will know how to chip or sandblast older plaster and leave a concrete wall before coating with plaster during renovation or resurfacing of pools

While this option is cheaper than fiberglass, you can expect to resurface again sooner as the pool will react with water and chemicals over its lifetime. We counteract this effect by adding either quartz or pebbles during a resurfacing service. When you mix either of these with plaster, you get a more stain-resistant, durable solution that can be used for renovation or resurfacing.

We expend this same energy to any pool renovation project we undertake as well. We use the best materials during each pool renovation project and work to exceed the client’s expectations. Whether it’s a pool deck, spa or commercial project we are undertaking in Naples, Florida, we ensure out service is top notch.

Retiling and repainting

A good option for pool owners whose swimming pools are still in decent shape is to retile or repaint their swimming pools. Our professionals will work with your indoor or outdoor pool to ensure that it returns to top-notch condition. When retiling a pool deck, spa or any other space that might need new tiles, we first apply a scratch coat before laying the tiles and putting the grout in between.

To repaint, we blast off the old paint then apply a fresh coat of epoxy. You can use rubber-based acrylic paint or other paint types, but none of them is as durable as epoxy.

Whether you will need renovations, remodeling, refinishing, construction, installation or design for your swimming pool,we have the right contractor to help you make a difference to both the interior and exterior of your private or commercial swimming pool.

Why Work With Us?

As a Naples resurfacing and repair company, we highly recommend that you call a specialist when you need your pool completely resurfaced or newly installed. Some of the reasons you should work with our company include:


As a top Naples, Florida company, we believe in delivering the promise of quality repairs, maintenance, and resurfacing in Naples. Therefore, we employ only the best professionals in Naples, Florida. Each of our swimming pool technicians have been in the field and amassed experience that makes them stand out. When you reach out to us, we dispatch only the best to come and assist you.

Tools and Equipment’s

When you call us, you expect nothing short of state-of-the-art equipment. We use the best cleaning and repair materials to ensure your pool gets a proper face-lift once we are done.


We have been serving the residents of Miami for over 30 years. During this time, we have not wavered from our promise to provide quality services. Our contractors are insured, bonded, and licensed, so we are more than ready for the job. We shall do the job within the stipulated timeline and deliver only the best once you hire us.

100% customer satisfaction.

As an experienced pool service company, we value the satisfaction of our customers. We go above and beyond to ensure that we meet your expectations as a pool owner. Our contractors explain each step to the pool or homeowner before they begin repairing and give recommendations. For instance, it is highly recommended that your pool resurfacing is done when you and your family are away on vacation or from home. We serve with knowledge and experience that is unmatched.

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