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Nothing gets you down during a hot Florida summer than having a pool that is down for the count. When you know your pool not only needs maintenance or service, but needs repair then you need to call our professionals down to get the job done fast, to get it done right, and at a price that won’t bust your budget.

Is your swimming pool leaking? A qualified pool tech or our expert contractors can repair the damage. Is it refusing to stay climate controlled? Are you not sure what’s going on but water levels and other factors are just “off?” In these cases, you shouldn’t spend extra time worrying. Our professional service technicians are trained, reliable, certified, licensed and insured. They are skilled professionals with the experience to back up their knowledge, pool equipment and tools. Our services are affordable. Our company provides same-day emergency pool repairs and can offer a free quote. We are the leading South Florida pool company. We can provide you with a free estimate as well as no haggle consultation. We can customize a project with specific work details just for you. Our estimates are good for 60 days. Most of our homeowners phone us at (305) 547-8605 if they require spa installation, design, remodeling or pool maintenance. If you need a rebalance of chemicals, we have some options for you.

Leak Detection

If you suspect that your swimming pool has a leak, it’s important to address the issue promptly to prevent further damage and water loss. The first step to any job is going through a thorough leak detection process. Sometimes leaks are visible, but there are other times where it’s only the result that can be clearly seen. Even if it seems like all the problems can be traced back to one leak, there’s a decent chance that others are contributing to the problem that just isn’t quite as easy to spot. We will make our company make sure we find them all and fix them up right!  Your pool is part of your house and we want you to enjoy it. This means a lot to us.  Here are some common methods for detecting leaks in swimming pools:

Visual inspection:

Look for cracks, tears, or other visible signs of damage in the pool structure, such as around the pool skimmer or return fittings.

Water level test:

Conduct a simple water level test by marking the water level of the pool with tape, turning off the pool pump, and checking the water level after 24 hours. If the water level has dropped significantly, it may be an indication of a leak.

Dye test: Use food coloring or a pool leak detection dye to trace the flow of water in the pool and identify the location of the leak.

Pressure testing: A professional pool leak detection service can conduct a pressure test to identify the location of the leak by pressurizing the plumbing system and observing any drop in pressure.

Electronic detection: This method involves using specialized equipment to detect leaks in the pool structure or plumbing system.

It’s important to address any suspected leaks promptly to prevent further damage and save water. If you’re unsure how to proceed or need assistance, consider contacting a professional pool leak detection service.

Proper Bonding Agent

We understand the best bonding agents available and if a simple patch job is enough to fix things and return your pool to working order quickly and affordably! You’ll be able to rest easy because our bonding agents are among the absolute best out there!

Different Pool Types – No Problem!

Whether your pool needs actual concrete repair, vinyl, plaster, or fiberglass, our professionals can get the job done. We understand that pools come in many different makes and designs, and we have a team of experts that can handle them all. Don’t make the mistake of hiring a pool repair company who only focuses on one type of pool and can’t take care of your specific issue. Call us and know the pool is taken care of.

Tile Repairs & Deck

Tile repair and liner is no problem! Others might complain, but we simply higher the professionals who are skilled and experienced enough to handle it. Whether you have tiles or other surfaces, we can take a look at what you have and help with maintenance, resurfacing, restoration, or outright replacement with something that is more to your taste and style. That is why we are, without question, the number one swimming pool repair specialists in the Miami area!

Hot Tubs & Spas

Cleaning tub Filters and everything in between. Many people want to enjoy their backyard adventure. Life is supposed to be full-fulfilling and you need a way to enjoy your space.

Customer Service

Top Quality Service at an affordable price. All of our customers and clients in FL are pool owners just like you. We are a family owned and operated business with many five-star reviews. Swimming Pools is our speciality. You need pool service? We are the pros. If you are on a budget, our products are results-driven. We will give you all the information you need to make the right decision. We service many areas, including Palm Beach, Miami Beach, Coral Gables, Hollywood, Hialeah and many other cities near Miami. If you are in a zip code that is not in our service area, we will take care of you anyhow. Our company is defined by its logo of doing great things for good people. Please give us a try.


Most frequent questions and answers

How much does a pool patch cost?

The average cost range of in-ground pool leak repairs is between $350 and $2,700. This price is for labor and materials only. It does not include draining, refilling, and treating the water. The price also depends on the leak’s severity, location, and the material of the pool

Can flex seal patch a pool?

It’s inconvenient and pool liners can cost hundreds (sometimes thousands) of dollars to replace. That’s why we recommend keeping Flex Tape or our Pool patch and repair kit nearby. The next time you find yourself with this problem, just use Flex Tape and your pool leak will be repaired in a matter of minutes.

How do you restore a neglected pool?

Step 1: Remove Debris. (2) Drain the Pool, (3) Clear the Filter System & Check Equipment, (4) Scrub the Pool Clean, (5) Get It Professional Inspected and Lastly, Fill it Up, Test Your Water and Enjoy

Can you fix a hole in a pool without draining it?

Wet or Dry Patch? If the pool’s water level has dropped to the level of a wall leak, it’s okay to patch it dry. You don’t need to drain your pool to apply a patch to any leak, though.

How much does it cost to fix a leaking pool pump?

If the leak is minor and can be easily repaired, the cost may range between $300 and $500. If a major leak that requires replacement or re-plastering is involved, however, the cost usually ranges somewhere between $2,500 and $5,000.

Is there an alternative to Replastering a pool?

Epoxy pool painting will help protect this surface and prevent it from deteriorating prematurely