What You Can Expect From Our Pool Services In Miami

Nobody enjoys a pool that is dirty, and nobody is particular fond of having to clean their pools either. Cleaning your pool means dragging out your vac hose, getting it primed, skimming the waterline as well as having to deal with all that junk that has taken into your pool filter and baskets. It is for these very reasons that we offer pool cleaning services to accommodate you in enjoying a crystal clear pool that you will want to use and enjoy.

Our services are ideal, but it is also good for you to know what you should be expecting from a pool cleaning, repair and maintenance services business. It is important to know that when it comes to swimming pools that if you are looking for a complete maintenance service which means you won’t have to do anything with your pool, you will need someone to come out on a daily basis. Otherwise, for weekly services, there are still a couple of tasks that you will need to conduct to ensure your pool stays in good condition. Here is what to expect from our professional pool contractors.

Physical CleaningDebris that includes pebbles leaves and twigs will often find their way into the pool. When this debris pile-up it has the potential to clog the filter and skimmer basket which could end up damaging your pump. Our professional pool technicians will skim the water surface, vacuum the area of the bottom of the pool, clean the skimmer baskets and check on your filter by removing all the debris.

Chemical Balancing
When your swimming pool is balanced, it has to be in a particular range of calcium hardness, total alkalinity, and pH level. If your water becomes too acidic, it will be corrosive, and if the alkalinity is too high, the water becomes scaling. Depending on rainfall, usage, and other factors a pool easily becomes unbalanced. Our expert pool contractors will test the water on each visit and add treatments and chemicals when necessary to make sure your pool water is safe as well as balanced.

Equipment Inspection
Your swimming pool is far more than just a hole filled up with water. Water that is allowed to stand can quickly turn stagnant and becomes a breeding ground for insects, bacteria, and algae. Chemical treatments may combat these issues, but your pump is an integral part that circulates this water and assists in keeping the pool clean. During maintenance of your pool, our experienced technicians will inspect your pump, the return, and intake valves to ensure each part is functioning in the correct way.