What happens if you don't change pool water?

If you don’t regularly change the water in your pool, several problems could develop. First, the pool’s surface could become cloudy or discolored due to dirt accumulation and other contaminants; making it hard for swimmers to see the bottom and potentially making swimming less appealing than intended.

Additionally, untreated water can quickly become an attractive environment for harmful bacteria, algae and other organisms – leading to unpleasant odors, skin or eye irritation, and even serious health complications.

Over time, minerals and other substances can accumulate on pool surfaces, leading to scaling and staining that can be both time consuming and costly to remove – possibly even damaging the pool surface itself.

To prevent problems from developing in a pool, it’s essential that regular testing and balancing of its water chemistry take place, with part of its water being replaced on an ongoing basis. How frequently this occurs will depend upon various factors including its size, usage rate, climate conditions and environmental surroundings of its location. Visit us at https://poolresurfacingmiami.net/  if you would like more information about our services.