What Is Pool Resurfacing Called?

Pool resurfacing refers to the process of rejuvenating or upgrading a swimming pool’s surface by stripping away its existing coating or finish and applying new one, to enhance both appearance and lifespan. Popular pool resurfacing materials include plaster, tile, pebble, and aggregate finishes.

Resurfacing swimming pools isn’t only used to enhance their look and durability; it also prevents leaks, cracks, and other forms of damage from happening over time due to chemicals, sunlight exposure, or simply daily usage. Resurfacing may help ensure optimal pool health in terms of both appearance and functionality.

When considering pool resurfacing, it’s crucial to work with an experienced professional in this field. They will assist in selecting materials tailored specifically to your budget and needs while making sure the resurfacing process goes smoothly with minimal disruptions or disruptions to pool use.

Resurfacing your pool is an integral component of ongoing pool care that can ensure it looks its best for years to come. Our home page has more information, if you wish to check it out.