Will My Pool Crack if I Drain It?

When draining your pool, several factors can determine if it will crack. These include the age and condition of the pool, its material, as well as soil and weather conditions in its immediate surrounding.

If your pool is older or has any preexisting cracks or damage, draining it can increase the risk of further destruction or even complete failure of its structure. Furthermore, certain materials like vinyl and fiberglass are particularly vulnerable to harm when being emptied of water.

Your pool’s soil conditions can also have an effect on whether or not it cracks when drained. Unstable or shifting soil can put additional strain on the walls and floor when water is removed from it, potentially leading to cracking in the structure itself.

In general, it’s best to avoid completely draining a pool unless it is absolutely necessary for repairs or renovations. If you must do so, consult with an experienced pool contractor who can assess the risks and take appropriate measures to protect your investment. More information can be found on the Home page menu.