What are the different types of pool resurfacing finishes?

There are various types of pool resurfacing finishes available, each boasting unique characteristics and aesthetic appeal. Here are some common pool resurfacing finishes:

1. Plaster Finish: Plaster is one of the oldest and most widely used pool resurfacing finishes, made up of cement, sand and water mixed together and applied directly onto the pool surface. Plaster finishes can either be smooth or textured and come in various colors for a classic, traditional look; they may require more maintenance, however; staining may occur over time due to discoloration from chemicals added during application.

2. Pebble Finishes: Pebble finishes are created by mixing small pebbles or aggregates with cement to form a durable yet natural-looking surface, offering both visual appeal and long-term use. They come in many colors and aggregate sizes for customization and boast long-term stain resistance and non-slip surfaces – making them an excellent choice for pool resurfacing projects.

3. Quartz Finish: Similar to pebble finishes, but using quartz crystals instead of pebbles. This creates a smoother texture compared to traditional pebble finishes and offers more consistent appearance with various color choices available for purchase. Furthermore, quartz finishes are known for being stain-resistant as well as their ability to reflect light for vibrant and shimmering pool surfaces.

4. Aggregate Finishes: Aggregate finishes combine small stones, pebbles or glass beads with colored plaster or resin to produce an appealing and decorative pool surface. They offer a textural appearance and come in an array of colors and aggregate options for an eye-catching pool surface. Aggregate finishes can even be customized to achieve different visual effects for an even more eye-catching pool experience!

5. Tile Finishes: Instead of opting for plaster-based pool surfaces, some pools feature tile finishes. Tiles provide a durable yet visually appealing alternative, which come in various materials like ceramic, porcelain, glass and stone to provide a variety of sizes, shapes and colors to meet various aesthetic preferences. Customizable designs enable intricate patterns and customization creating luxurious high-end looks in pool environments.

Consider your preferences, budget, durability requirements and desired aesthetic when selecting a pool resurfacing finish. Consult a professional pool resurfacing contractor to explore options and determine the ideal selection for you.